John Turpa has journeyed across the United States and has stayed for extended periods of time in Peru. He has lived most of his life in eastern Canada. During his travels he has connected with many people and has learned a myriad perspectives and ideas. He is also a self taught researcher and feels that his investigations may tie together ideas that we as humans share on this planet. His goal is to find congruence instead of separation between each human on this planet.  From his perspective “An Olive branch is more effective than a weapon”. He also has produced a full length music album called “what it’s like to be human”. This is a concept album and focuses on the human condition and can be downloaded or listened to here. John also is known for his Sun Gazing practice and experimentation and his videos can be seen here. If you’d like to contact John please send an e-mail to theopensource@hotmailcom.

If you like the content being shared and feel you would like to support, you can donate via paypal by clicking on this link PayPal Donate. Thank You for your support!


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