Hollywood’s Awakening “The Connected Universe” Nassim Haramein, Patric Stewart & Jim Carrey

Is Hollywood going through an awakening?

If so, what does it mean for those who aren’t yet awake?

Well known, famous and credible people can give a significant boost to these issues, infusing the mainstream with a new idea, a new paradigm.

Many in the awakening community may feel as if they are barely scratching the surface with their interactions with friends and family that haven’t had the opportunity to delve down as many rabbit holes as they have. It seems that the daily grind of working 9-5 restricts the ability for most to investigate such matters.

For the awakening community there seems to have been an urgency “to know” and to let others know, especially since the inception of the internet.

How can this be done without completely sounding like a “crackpot”?

It seems that there are stages that people go through who are waking up from a dream or even perhaps a nightmare. Usually the first step is anger, followed by sharing unbelievable theories that may not be taken seriously by others, and then eventually accepting that most people in the mainstream have “deaf ears” and only to share when a person is ready.

The difficulty for most in the awakening community usually arises from not having any status, e.g. being a doctor, scientist and most importantly a public figure. An awakened individual is usually thought of by their piers as just a “internet conspiracy theorist” who only gets their information from memes.

This may all change quite soon…


Disclosure Project Press Conference May 2001

It seems that there are many angles being approached to get the job done. One of the first credible exposures was implemented in May of 2001 by the Disclosure Project, headed by Dr. Steven Greer with testimony from high ranking officials. In 2013 whistleblower Edward Snowden revealed a vast surveillance complex that effected our privacy globally. And many in the awakening community are well aware of some type of “Event” to happen in the foreseeable future.


Now to get to Hollywood and the visible awakening from within.

hollywood-pedophile-problemThis year Elijah Wood voiced his concerns on Hollywood’s pedophilia problem shinning the spotlight on the abhorrent behavior in that community. Also, Corey Feldman has come out with being abused at a young age by those in the industry.


Jim Carey posing with David Icke

And as recently as a couple of weeks ago, Jim Carrey and David Icke posed together in a photo. Jim Carrey has also been sharing his inspiring thoughts on awakening and change. Videos on his inspiring words have gone viral and are reaching many people.



Patrick Stewart

The most recent and exciting news is that Patrick Stewart mostly known for his role as Captain Jean-Luc Picard in Star Trek the Next Generation is narrating a documentary called the “Connected Universe” based on the work of physicist Nassim Haramein. Nassim Haramein believes he’s completed Einstein’s field equation which has been a conundrum for physicists for many years, mainly because quantum physics and general relativity lack a connection to explain how our Universe functions. And Nassim may just be the man to present his findings to the mainstream and unify physics.

Over the years it has been quite difficult for Nassim Haramein to break through into the mainstream scientific community because he subscribes to ancient civilizations that had advanced technology and that Extra Terrestrials have visited and interacted with humanity throughout our history. This is a mainstream taboo that seems will soon be ameliorated.

Nassim through his work has also mentioned a few times that he is (one of many people) working on an over-unity (free energy) device that can potentially change the way humans live on Earth. Eventually this type of technology will remove the need for money and focus on sustainability instead of corporate consumption.

Many in the awakening community feel that a Hollywood mass awakening is key to opening the floodgates of knowledge and technology that will move humanity through the insanity of our current system. Having famous people speak out and participate in the shift will make it easier for those who are set in their ways and going through life on autopilot.

Regardless of whatever future outcome will manifest, we are indeed in very exciting times.

Here’s the trailer for the Connected Universe. Enjoy!

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Corey Goode & Bashar Connection “Everything Will Change” in the fall of 2016

In 2014 “Bashar” an extraterrestrial being channeled by Darryl Anka made a startling prediction… “In your upcoming fall of 2016 EVERYTHING will change!”

Will everything change this fall of 2016?

There seems to be some interesting data pointing towards something indeed occurring this fall. Perhaps it’s what many call the “October surprise”. Well see.


One major thread of course is this year’s United States presidential elections. There are many drama’s unfolding on this subject in the mainstream media as well as in the alternative media. All you have to do is a quick youtube or Google search of what is happening in this very convoluted and sometimes dizzying display of what our current system is undergoing and perhaps revealing.

Although, this is not the main focus of this article, it is merely a caveat to a very rare prediction from a being who claims to be from another planet and an unlikely connection to a man who claims to be part of the “Secret Space Program”.

Bashar is a being who claims to be from a planet called “Essassani” and is channelled by Darryl Anka. If you know who Bashar is you may have noticed that his main focus is on how we as humans can improve ourselves, love each other and to follow our greatest excitement. He periodically talks about other E.T. races, his home and what is “out there”. 

Although, he rarely goes into predictions.


Depiction of Bashar by Vashta

In 2014 Bashar opened a channel to 3 beings that orbit his planet. These beings identified themselves as Epsilon, Epiphany and Eclipse. Their function is to be a conduit of the “Sassani” people (the beings that live on Essassani) as their “collective oversoul” (collective consciousness). These 3 beings describe themselves as spheres that glow in a blue/white light, are approximately 75 miles in diameter and orbit their planet.


Depiction of Essassani home world with the 3 sphere beings Epsilon, Epiphany and Eclipse

During this 2014 channeling they made a striking prediction that in the fall of 2016 “Everything will change”


Corey Goode on Gaia

Now, let’s forward to our present day in 2016. A man named Corey Goode has made quite an entrance into our own collective consciousness on Earth. In 2015 Corey Goode came out as a whistleblower claiming he was part of a covert Earth based secret space program (SSP). These humans have quite an array of exotic technologies that many of us can barely even dream of. He claims he was part of what he referred to as “The 20 and back program” where an individual of interest is offered to work in one of the SSP’s programs for 20 years, and upon completion of these 20 years, their age is reversed, their memory is wiped and they are taken back in time moments after they left for their tour of duty 20 years ago. In the past few months others have come out and are testifying that they were also part of the SSP in one way or another.


Depiction of the Blue Avians

Now here’s where it gets interesting…Corey Goode also claims he is in contact with “The Sphere Being Alliance” (SBA). The SBA include the “Blue Avians”, who have humanoid bodies and bird-like faces, the “Golden Triangle head beings”, who also have humanoid bodies with inverted triangular shaped heads, and the “Sphere Beings” who are blue spherical beings and can be the size of a baseball to the size of Jupiter in an instant.


Depiction of the “Sphere Beings” around Earth

According to Corey Goode, these “Sphere Beings” are all over our solar system, especially around Earth. They are here to postpone a solar event giving us time to bring our planet into balance through a “Full Disclosure” initiative implemented by we the people and what is called the “Earth Alliance”. Throughout Corey Goode’s testimony, he has been briefing us on massive movements by the Earth Alliance groups to topple the power elite a.k.a the cabal, illuminati or syndicate groups. He also is saying that these movements are escalating and are reaching a tipping point. The times we are in now are quite important according to Goode.

Now lets tie these two threads together. The most interesting aspect of these two threads, is that they both involve Sphere Beings that take on very similar characteristics and both descriptions of these sphere beings are mainly defined by the color blue. Bashar, (via 3 sphere beings called Epsilon, Epiphany and Eclipse) in 2014 stated that in the fall of 2016 “Everything will change”. Corey Goode is in contact with sphere beings and are here to see us through a transitionary period that we are currently undergoing. And…we are right on the doorstep of the fall of 2016.

What will happen? Will everything change? Are these two threads related? Perhaps we’ll find out soon enough.

Available video link from tudou. http://www.tudou.com/programs/view/PoYMtN3iEvs/

Website with original transcript & video link (video is low quality and may not be accessible) http://aqua20.blogspot.ca/2014/07/attention-attention-attention.html

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